How can i allot an employee to an assignment?

You can add jobbers to positions via the weekly schedule of your company. Then you will see when this jobber is available. To assign a jobber, you must click into the assignment field and finally publish the changes.

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In order to be able to assign an employee to an assignment, this employee must first be added to the appropriate position. To do this, simply call up your schedule and select the appropriate position. You will find the option “+ Add jobbers”:
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If you have added a jobber to a position, you’ll see when he / she is avaiable for work. With a click into the assignment field, the allocation is made (the green markers are not integrated into the platform on the system side – these are only used to illustrate the availability of the jobber):
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If a jobber is not available, the assignment field is highlighted in red. In addition, it can happen that a jobber already has an assignment at this shift. This is represented by “ASSIGN” in the assignment field:
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You should lastly publish your changes (top right), so that the assignments are saved in the system and your jobbers get notified about their assignments.


If you find red frames around application fields in the schedule, this is an open days-off request: More information can be found here:
Shortcuts in the schedule
Processing absence requests


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Last updated: 21. Feb 2017 @ 23:51