How do I create my organizational structure?

To create your organizational structure, you go to your organisation structure. With the help of groups, units and positions you can perfectly subdivide your company.

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To structure your company, you should create groups and units. To do this, call up your organisation structure.
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Within your company, you can add groups and units. Groups serve the hierarchical subdivision of your company. However, a unit contains positions to be planned. This way you can create the best individual layout of your company and the perfect overview.

You can create groups and units by clicking on the plus sign (+) – for more instructions, click here: Create groups and units


The following is an example of the division into groups and units. The starting point is the Jubbr AG:
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First we have a group “Events”, which contains the units “Christmas” and “New Year’s Eve”. These units contain positions to be planned. There are also 3 other units: “Restaurant Sonne”, “Restaurant Hirsch” and “Restaurant Lore”. These units again contain positions. “Restaurant Sonne” includes the positions kitchen, parking service , security and service. This allows jobbers to be classified in these shift positions. The organizational structure is the basis for all further planning.


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Last updated: 9. Mar 2018 @ 13:27