Where can i set the demand for a position?

In the weekly schedule, you can specify the requirements for positions. Use the plus sign (+) of the row of the position and the corresponding day.

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To determine the need for a position, you must first call up your schedule. Then you are looking for the appropriate position and the corresponding day, at which you want to specify a demand. In the line of the position and column of the day, click on the plus sign (+):
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You can set the demand by the number of jobbers or the hour limit. Number of jobbers means that you need 2 jobbers in this shift. The hour limit limits the maximum number of working hours in this working assignment.
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Once you have defined your needs for one or more positions, you can see in the weekly schedule whether you have covered your needs in positions:
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The first line is the number of jobbers and the second line the corresponding number of hours worked.
On Monday, April 17th, the demand of 2 jobbers in the kitchen is covered (2/2).
On the following Tuesday the demand of 2 jobbers is not yet covered. Only one jobber has been assigned.
On Wednesday, the hour limit of 12 hours is fully filled.
On Thursday the hour limit of 12 hours was exceeded with 18:00h / 12:00h..


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